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5 Bras That Every Woman With Large Breasts Should Have

If you’re a large-breasted gal (either via genetics or breast augmentation), you’re painfully aware that the dainty, flimsy, bras in the windows of Victoria’s Secret weren’t made for you. Although it seems like all of the bras for C cups and over are strictly functional, good bras for large breasts do exist. Bras for large breasts should serve three purposes: support the weight of the breasts, create a flattering shape underneath clothes, and make you feel sexy and beautiful. Breast Augmentation Resources breaks down the bras best-suited for top-heavy women:

1. A demi bra. Demi bras rule the bra world, for large and small breasted women alike. Demi bras have wide shoulder straps, medium coverage cups, and supportive underwire. The best demi bra is invisible underneath a basic crew neck and flattering beneath a plunging neckline. Demi bras are widely available in large cup sizes, and may or may not have padding or push-up. Make sure that your demi bra’s wires sit flat against your skin, and that the back strap is level with the cups. A good-fitting bra will flatter your breasts and prevent shoulder aches.

2. A minimizing bra. Believe it or not, the time may come when you want to downplay the size of your breasts. Minimizing bras come in handy when you are trying to distract from the appearance of your breasts (for work or other events) or just trying to fit into a structured blouse—button-downs are known to be discriminatory. Minimizing bras are full-coverage and shape or confine the breasts so that they look up to a cup size smaller. When choosing a minimizing bra, make sure that your breasts do not spill out from the cups or at your sides. Minimizing bras aren’t always available in the sexiest designs—underwire demi bras with thin cotton cups can also minimize the appearance of large breasts.

3. A supportive strapless bra. A good strapless bra is invaluable for any woman who wants to show off her shoulders in summery maxi dresses and strapless party tops. Women with large breasts should look for a strapless bra with plastic lining on the interior, which helps the bra stick to your skin. If you’re looking for lift and enhancement, choose one with underwire. The most important feature of your strapless bra—and arguably any bra—is the fit. Make sure your breasts aren’t spilling out and that there’s no gap between the cup and skin.

4. A fun bra. Fun bras make you feel good. They can be colorful, lacy, embellished with bows, or totally impractical. While these bras might not be for everyday use (they lack support), it’s a good idea to have them in your arsenal. Look for specialty lingerie retailers to find large sizes. Victoria’s Secret regularly stocks up to DD sizes, and extended sizes are often available online for brands such as Fredrick’s of Hollywood, Chantelle, Wacoal, Le Mystere, and more. Don’t be afraid to check out costume boutiques that cater to risqué performers, either.

5. A really comfy bra. Many large-breasted women find going bra-less uncomfortable. So if you’re just doing chores around the house or running errands, a comfy bra is invaluable. Sports bras with supportive lining, wireless soft cup bras, and even bralettes are good choices.

Bras are useful for refining, enhancing, and flattering your curves. But if you want the breasts of your dreams, a good bra isn’t going to cut it. Breast Augmentation Resources provides valuable information on breast implants, lifts, reduction, and more. Contact our representatives now to schedule a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon in your area.



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