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Breast Implants: Bigger No Longer Better?

by Marisa Amorasak

In the last few years, there’s been some buzz around the fashion and pop culture world regarding the size of breasts: apparently, bigger is no longer better. It all started when Vogue UK ran an article in 2008 claiming that large breasts were a thing of the past. A number of fashion-oriented publications followed suit, and pointed out the evolving menswear trend as a hint toward a more androgynous body ideal.

How does one go about figuring out what breast size is on trend, anyways? These sorts of things aren’t exactly documented, and that’s why the best way to monitor trends is to observe the icons that were representative of the era. At the very least, the prevalence of this itty bitty titty versus jubblie jungle is reflective of society’s value of the aesthetic appeal of breasts. Since that’s established, it’s time to get on with the boobie breakdown.

Trends in clothing, beauty, modeling, and similar sectors begin at the very tip of the fashion pyramid—in the elusive world of haute couture. Haute couture is the starting point of fashion as well as the crème de la crème. As the influence of haute couture trickles down the fashion pyramid to less expensive merchandise, less artistic interpretations of trends, and lower-wage models, the original ideas become watered down to fit more earthly creatures. Thus, although the top of the pyramid may influence ready-to-wear fashion and street style, it certainly doesn’t dictate it. Sexually, breasts are visible displays of femininity. Heterosexual men will never say, “Ew, boobs, gross.” Flat chests are neither realistic nor desirable to the majority of consumers, so they will never be as in style as Anna Wintour may claim.

Let’s put fashion aside and get back on the boob track. In the 1980s, buxom babes were all the rage. Pamela Anderson’s surgical enhancements were undoubtedly an influential component of the popularity of breast implants. Even high fashion models with curvier figures were on-trend as well. Elle Macpherson was nicknamed “The Body” for her perfectly proportioned curves. Iman, Carol Alt, and Christie Brinkley sported similar figures. By the 1990s, lady bits were out and stick-thin was in. The ultra-busty look faded while Kate Moss’ waif look gained popularity.

If the celebrities of our time dictate the current aesthetic trends, then it’s safe to say that nowadays, believable bodaciousness is in. Think Kim Kardashian, Jessica Alba, Blake Lively, and Fergie. These women are definitely fit, but they also have assets up top and down low. It doesn’t seem to matter if breasts are real or fake, as long as they don’t scream plastic (and that’s the difference between the 1980s curvy trend and the current one). Even though trends change, women’s body types don’t. Some women weren’t born with ample breasts, and implants can offer the curves she desires.

All logic aside, the proof is in the numbers. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) has recorded breast augmentation as the most popular plastic surgery procedure in America for the last three years. Prior to that, the most popular surgery was liposuction. It’s safe to say that breast implants are not only here to stay, but they’re getting increasingly popular.

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