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Breast Augmentation Costs and Financing

A patient who wants to undergo breast enhancement must consider the cost of a breast augmentation procedure. Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to estimate the price until many factors have been determined. Variables like the location of the procedure, the specific type of surgery and the type of implants used will all come into play. The skill and experience of the surgeon performing the procedure will also affect the price of breast augmentation. If you are interested in breast enhancement, it is important to weigh all the variables to get the most accurate estimate of breast augmentation cost.

Type of Implants
There are currently two types of implants used for breast augmentation today; silicone and saline implants. Silicone was banned by the FDA a number of years ago, but current research shows few risks associated with these implants, which is why it is an option for breast enhancement patients once again. However, it may be more difficult to find a surgeon experienced in silicone implants, since the frequency of the procedure was directly impacted by the ban. A doctor will decide which type of implant meets a patient's specific situation. The cost of breast augmentation is directly impacted by the type of implant used.

Type of Procedure
There are a number of ways to perform breast enhancement, and each procedure differs in terms of where the incision is made and precisely how and where the implant is inserted. Some procedures will take longer than others and recovery time may be longer as well. The cost of these breast augmentation procedures will also run higher due to the additional medication and surgical time required. It is very important for a patient and doctor to partner together to determine which breast augmentation procedure will best meet the patient's unique needs.

Additional Procedures
In some cases, breast augmentation might be accompanied by other surgical procedures, such as a breast lift. If the patient desires a combination of procedures, it is often preferred to perform them at the same time. Since general anesthesia carries a degree of risk along with it, combining procedures into one session of general anesthesia reduces the risk somewhat. However, combining two or more procedures into one will also raise the cost of breast augmentation overall.

Selection of a Doctor
When you request a cosmetic procedure, you want to ensure that the doctor who performs the surgery is extremely skilled and experienced at your specific surgery. To begin, look for a doctor who is board certified by an organization recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties. One such board is the American Board of Plastic Surgery. This certification indicates the surgeon has undergone a rigorous training program and is well-qualified to perform your procedure. However, these doctors also come with a higher price tag as a general rule, so plan to pay more for the skills and experience that will make your surgery a success.

Location, Location
Location makes a difference in the cost of real estate and it also plays a role in breast augmentation prices. While you can't do much about the area you live, you can ensure you are comparing apples to apples by looking at the prices of breast augmentation within your state and immediate area. Keep in mind urban areas typically cost a bit more and rural areas a little less.

Financing the Cost of Breast Augmentation
Once you know the cost of breast augmentation, you must determine how you are going to fit the bill. Because breast enhancement is usually considered a cosmetic procedure, most insurance companies do not cover any part of the surgery. This means the full cost comes out of the patient's pocket, which can be difficult to manage. Doctors understand the challenges in paying for cosmetic procedures and many provide financing options right in their offices to make the surgery more affordable. You can also contact your bank to see if they provide financing for cosmetic procedures.



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