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Breast Augmentation Patients Enjoying More Fulfilling and Frequent Intimate Encounters

Elevated confidence. Feeling more comfortable in your own skin. Increased sex appeal.

These are some of the main reasons over 300,000 American women undergo breast augmentation every year. But survey results and web research compiled by BestPlasticSurgeryGuide.com indicate that the benefits from breast augmentation may transcend the physical or psychological and lead straight into the bedroom...

Hundreds of women filled out questionnaires about their sex life both before and after the breast implant surgery and the results showed an improved sex life in nearly all categories. Sixty-one percent reported having sex more frequently compared to a measly 7% who saw numbers drop. Regardless of the amount of sex they were having, 70% noted an improvement in satisfaction they were getting from their hookups, with factors including increased arousal and easier orgasms.

When asked to rank their sex life pre-augmentation the women’s responses averaged 6.07 out of 10; however, after the surgery and a full recovery that average jumped to 8.13. This amounts to a whopping 34% increase in lovemaking satisfaction!

The results also indicated that for those in a relationship the effects of the surgery were in many ways mutually beneficial. An overwhelming 73% of the survey takers believed that their partners were having better time as a result of the breast augmentation surgery, and women who had cosmetic work done found their significant other reciprocated by enhancing their own body in some fashion! Sixty percent of breast augmentation patients, along with 56% of all other surveyed plastic surgery recipients, witnessed improvements in their partner’s physique to keep pace with their newly enhanced allure.

The study also compared statistics with other common cosmetic procedures and found that 81% of breast augmentation patients felt their surgery positively affected their sexual satisfaction compared to 68% of women who had undergone body surgeries, such as body contouring, while only 32% of facial surgery patients notice any boost in contentment.

BestPlasticSurgeryGuide.com’s compiled results jive with previous studies on the positive effect of breast augmentation. An 84 women survey conducted by the University of Florida found that women’s self-esteem increased over 14% as a result of the surgery along with a 57% increase in sexual satisfaction. While some experts are wary of implying that cosmetic surgery can solve women’s self esteem and bedroom issues, doctors like Cynthia Figueroa-Haas, PhD, clinical assistant professor at the University Of Florida College Of Nursing, see it as turn for the best.

“So much attention is directed to men’s sexuality issues; we have all seen countless commercials on drugs and therapy devoted to improving men’s sexuality. Unfortunately, very little is discussed regarding women’s sexuality issues,” Figueroa-Haas told Florida University News in 2007. “I strongly believe that my research shows that interventions such as cosmetic plastic surgery can address these sorts of issues for some women. For example, those women who may have breast changes due to nursing or from the inevitable natural aging process. These women may not feel as attractive, which could ultimately negatively impact their levels of self-esteem and sexuality.”

Are you interested in learning more about how breast augmentation can benefit you? Contact us today! Our Breast Augmentation Resources representatives will schedule you a free, no obligation consultation with a board-certified plastic surgery specialist in your area!

--Clem Mestre



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