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Preparing for Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast augmentation can give you the larger, fuller breasts you have always wanted. The procedure is also used to enhance breasts that have withstood the rigors of numerous pregnancies or to correct size differences between breasts. To ensure a successful surgery and recovery, proper preparation before the procedure is paramount. There are a number of steps that typically must be completed before surgery can take place.

The Consultation
A patient will meet with her doctor prior to breast augmentation surgery, to discuss expectations, get a thorough medical history and explain the details of the procedure. Your doctor will consider your overall physical and mental health and make sure you have a realistic understanding of what the results of the surgery might be. It is important to tell your doctor about any medication you are currently taking. Some may need to be stopped at least 10 days prior to surgery to avoid complications. These medicines include:

  • Aspirin
  • Ibuprofen or other anti-inflammatory medications
  • Some vitamins, like C and E

If you smoke, your doctor may want you to stop smoking well in advance of your procedure as well. Patients are given a set of pre-operative instructions that must be followed to ensure a safe and successful surgery.

Choosing the Procedure and Implant Type
The initial consultation may also be used to discuss the best procedure and implant type for a patient's needs. Implants offer a number of variables so they can be customized to each individual patient. Some of the factors to consider include:

  • Texture – The texture of the implant may impact how easily the implant might turn within the breast, or how likely the shell will rupture. While these are important considerations, the texture of the implant will not affect how the procedure is done or how the implant looks or feels.
  • Size, Shape and Volume – Unlike texture, the size, shape and volume of the implant will affect how the breast looks and feels. It is important for a patient and doctor to work together to find the best solution for a patient. Generally, smaller implants tend to come with a reduced risk of complications. However, women with sufficient breast tissue may be able to consider larger implants if those fit better with their desired results.
  • Incision – Many incisions used for breast augmentation are made in the crease below the breast, where a scar will not be noticeable. Incisions can also be made in the armpit, navel or through a small slit around the edge of the pigmented portion of the nipple. The location of the incision will be based on the type of implant procedure done and the preference of the patient and doctor.
  • Type of Implant – Most implants today come in either saline or silicone, and there are pros and cons to each. A patient and doctor will work together to determine which type of implant will best fit a patient's unique needs, based on risks associated with the implants and the shapes, sizes and volumes available.

Preparing for Recovery
It is also important to prepare for recovery prior to your breast augmentation procedure, to ensure a smooth transition from the hospital or clinic to your home. First, make arrangements for someone to drive you to and from the surgery, since medication and discomfort will make it impossible for you to drive yourself afterward. Fill prescriptions, like pain medications and antibiotics that might need to be taken after the procedure, so they are ready and waiting for you when you get home. Wear loose clothing to your procedure that will be easy to put back on after surgery to go home. Finally, obtain your physician's post-operative instructions, so you will know how to take care of your incision and yourself.

Proper preparation for your breast augmentation will make all the difference in a successful surgery and recovery. With these tips in mind and board certified plastic surgeon on your side, you will be ready to face your procedure with confidence and realistic expectations.



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