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Can Breast Implants Really Help Your Career?

Most women choose to undergo breast augmentation for various reasons—to even out disproportionate breasts, raise their self esteem, or simply to fill out a small chest. But for some women, the decision to get breast implants also involves their career. For women in the entertainment business, a curvier figure may offer them more opportunities and bigger paychecks. Models and actresses aside, even women who work in the most conservative offices can benefit from breast implants. Read on to learn why breast augmentation may provide a career boost.

Breast Implants for Entertainers

For women that are looking to get into the entertainment industry, breast implants can certainly give them an edge over the competition, depending on their specific line of work. Breast implants will obviously benefit women in the adult industry. Porn actresses, adult dancers, and glamour models with large breasts are nearly the industry standard. For women with these careers, it’s less about getting implants to stand out, and more about getting implants to become a part of that world. Augmentation is also popular among professional dancers, whose focal point is the movement of their bodies. There’s something about a voluptuous woman moving that attracts the eye. As for film and television actresses, casting directors seek women who are talented, hardworking, and oftentimes, beautiful. Not all roles call for the shapely woman—it all depends on what sort of films you want to be a part of, and what sort of characters you’d like to play. If you’re an entertainer considering breast implants, think about your ultimate career goals: Where do you see yourself at the pinnacle of your career? If image is at all conducive to your spot at the top, breast implants may be the right choice for you.

Breast Implants for The Office

Believe it or not, women that work in more conservative industries may also find that breast implants can give their career a boost. No, they won’t be shimmying their way to the top of the corporate ladder, but the added confidence of a killer body could translate directly to their workplace persona. Sometimes, women still have to prove themselves as valuable in an office full of men. Aesthetically, implants won’t gain you more respect from your coworkers—make sure to keep them tucked in and appropriately clothed—but they may give you the self esteem boost to make you shine. Women that work in conservative offices should be mindful of the size of their implants. Very large implants could turn into a distraction, and garner the wrong kind of attention.

Scheduling Your Breast Augmentation

You may be considering breast augmentation in order to advance your career in the entertainment industry. Or, you may be wondering how breast implants could affect your conservative job. If you’d like to talk more about the benefits of breast augmentation, contact our representatives today. We’ll set you up with a private consultation with a plastic surgeon in your area to further discuss your options.



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