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Bangkok's Latest Breast Enlargement Craze: Breast Slapping?

Khemmikka Na Songkhla is stirring up Thailand’s beauty market with a new technique that literally translates to “breast-slapping.” By administering quick slaps around the breast area, Songkhla claims that women’s breast can grow up to a few inches larger. Songkhla’s technique was passed down to her by her grandma, whose wisdom went largely unnoticed because large breasts haven’t become cosmetically desirable until more recently.

At her cosmetic facility in Bangkok, Songkhla is training about ten other people the art of breast-slapping. In addition to breast-slapping, head to toe slapping is available: body-slapping, buttock-slapping, and face-slapping. Each course costs around $300,000 USD. So why the sky-high prices? Songkhla maintains that her wisdom is very valuable, as it was taught to her by her grandmother. “I’m the only one in the world that can practice this wisdom,” she told the Bangkok Post.

A video clip of Songkhla shows her performing the slapping treatment on a woman with the desire for larger breasts. Breast-slapping is also used on women who want to lift sagging breasts—Songkhla performed the treatment on someone with “adequate breast tissue” but with a loss of volume. “We’ve had to turn away some clients, because their breasts were too small for the treatment to work,” Songkhla explained. Most clients, she said, saw an increase in their bust by about two inches. A young woman who underwent face-slapping claimed that the treatment made her look noticeably more beautiful after just four treatments.

Across the Pacific, some body contouring techniques are taking the same hands-on approach to beautification. Both Zerona™; and VASER Liposelection® are non-surgical treatments that use vibrations to break up fat collections. Of course, those treatments are powered by advanced technology like ultrasound or radiofrequencies rather than the harsh touch of Ms. Breast-Slap, as she’s known.

Songkhla’s body-slapping technique may seem a little out there, but it’s already been supposedly approved by Thailand’s Health Ministry. Ms. Breast-Slap, of course, seemed unsurprised. It appears as though she has some sense—she reminded patients that if you want significantly larger breasts, “get surgery.”

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