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Breast Implants and Exercise: Adjusting Your Routine

Many women wonder how breast implants will impact their exercise routine. Can you still do everything you could do before implants? Will the implants weigh you down? Can you disrupt the placement of the implant with vigorous exercise? Fear not, exercising with breast implants is very much like exercising without them. There are just a few key points you’ll need to know.

Exercise During Breast Augmentation Recovery

First, you will need to give yourself adequate recovery time after breast augmentation surgery before you can resume your full range of exercise activities. Your doctor will provide a series of recommended exercises to do as you recover from surgery. You’ll start basic stretches and range of motion exercises the day after surgery. Arm circles and should rolls will help promote the elasticity of the skin as you heal. You will then start performing additional post-surgery exercises, such as placing arms on the back of the neck, and touching the center of your back. You’ll do these exercises after regaining full range of motion following surgery, and will continue them until you experience no pain performing each motion.

Beyond stretching, and simple exercises, you will be able to go for gentle walks after three days. You will want to go at a pace slow enough not to jostle your breasts. Walking is usually advised as the best activity for up to three weeks following surgery. Your plastic surgeon will see you approximately one week after the breast augmentation to assess your recovery, and will provide additional guidelines about exercise at this time.

While every person’s recovery will be a little different, most women are able to continue aerobic activity around three weeks after surgery. You will want to be sure that you have appropriate support for your new breasts when you begin exercise, to help reduce discomfort or tenderness as you move your body with greater intensity. It is perfectly normal to experience some discomfort as you get back into your aerobic exercises. This exercise will not damage your implants.

Women undergoing breast augmentation will need to eliminate weight training from their exercise routine for around a month and a half after surgery. Lifting and strength training places strain on the pectoral muscles, and they need to recover before they can be engaged this way. Breasts should be fully healed by 4-6 weeks after augmentation, and it is okay to resume strength training at this time.

After Recovery: Exercising with Implants

So, once everything is healed, what is exercise like? Many women worry that they could risk displacing, deflating, or popping an implant by certain types of exercise, but this only occurs in very rare cases. Once you have recovered, your breast implants will stay put.

Exercise will be different after implants. If you were an A cup before surgery and come out with a C or larger, you will certainly notice the greater mass in your chest area—after all, that was the whole point of getting implants! You will simply need to get used to the size and weight of your new breasts. You may notice that your range of arm motion is somewhat impeded by your new additions, particularly in games like tennis, which require you to reach across your body. However, as you adjust to the new shape of your body, your exercise routine will adapt as well, and you will become comfortable again with your workouts.

The weight of your new breasts should not cause difficulty exercising. The average breast implant weighs less than a pound. If you take care to wear proper support when working out, you probably will not even notice the weight of the implants.

If you notice that you are experiencing chronic pain after recovering from breast augmentation, schedule an appointment with your doctor immediately. This is not common, and may be a sign of a complication.

Learn More

Every person is different, and if you’re an athlete, you’ll no doubt want to fully understand how breast implants might impact the way you work out. For most individuals, exercise becomes completely normal again after breast augmentation recovery. If you would like to learn more about how breast implants might impact your exercise routine, contact Breast Augmentation Resources today to arrange a private consult with a breast surgeon in your area.



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