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Flash Recovery Breast Implants: A New You in No Time?

Despite a sluggish economy plastic surgery is still booming, especially in the breast augmentation realm. According to statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, over 307 thousand breast augmentations were performed in 2011, a 45% increase since 2000. Women of all ages and sizes are now requesting implants, and the demand is driving big changes in implant technology as well as the procedures themselves. One of the most impressive recent innovations? “Flash Recovery Breast Augmentation.”

Dr. Ashkan Ghavami, a Beverly Hills area cosmetic surgeon, is one of only a handful of plastic surgeons in the nation who can perform a special version of breast augmentation that cuts surgery time in half while virtually eliminating patient bleeding and prolonged recovery. In recent interviews with KNBC news and American Heath & Beauty, Dr. Ghavami claimed his breast augmentation patients can be up and performing normal tasks within twenty-four hours of their surgeries, whereas women undergoing traditional breast augmentation are bedridden for days and experience significant pain in the weeks following their surgeries. The secret, according to Dr. Ghavami, is all in the tools of the trade.

Traditional breast augmentation involves making a scalpel incision at the crease of the breast and inserting the implant into chest tissue using a combination of metal spacers, scoops, and fingers, all of which can severely damage chest muscles. The Flash method involves only heated cautery dissection to neatly open skin and sub-muscular tissue for the implant. The heated approach leads to bloodless surgeries which typically lower the operation’s duration by thirty to forty-five minutes, thus decreasing the amount of anesthesia the patient’s body absorbs as well as the need for narcotic painkillers after the operation.

Recently, South California’s KNBC television news team followed “Marisol,” a single mother of three girls, through her operation and “flash recovery” at Dr. Ghavami’s Southern California clinic. Marisol’s procedure took twenty-four minutes, and she was able to go out to dinner with friends only hours after her operation. Flash recovery breast augmentation is rapidly gaining popularity in young working women and mothers like Marisol due to its unique ability to enhance breasts with minimal interruption of day-to-day life.

While the Flash technique is streets ahead of other methods in terms of patient comfort, it isn’t without its limitations. Because the procedure focuses on avoiding tissue trauma, breasts can only be increased few cup sizes at once, and patients who require a simultaneous breast lift for sagging do not qualify. Also, Flash patients report that the procedure isn’t completely without pain. The post operation ache is often compared to the muscle soreness experienced if one were to do a strenuous chest workout and fades about as quickly.

Although Dr. Ghavami has recently trademarked the phrase “Flash Recovery Breast Augmentation,” officially confining it to his Beverly Hills practice, more and more surgeons nationwide are rushing to learn cautery-based breast enhancement techniques. Interested in learning about the breast augmentation techniques offered in your city? Contact us today! Our Plastic Surgery Portal representatives will help you find a supremely qualified plastic surgeon near you!

--Dean Anderson



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