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Gummy Bear Breast Implants Continue to Gain Ground on Saline and Silicone

When it comes to choosing breast implants, safe materials and a natural look are the top priorities for most plastic surgeons and clients. The new gummy bear implants are the most recent breast implant material to be FDA-approved, and they’re quickly becoming a staple for many cutting-edge plastic surgeons. Gummy bear implants are made from a silicone gel that holds its shape easily, mimicking the feel of natural breasts. The gel quality of gummy bear implants also makes them resistant to leaks. Read on to learn more about gummy bear implants and why so many women are excited about this new development in breast implants.

Gummy Bear Implants vs Saline and Silicone

Silicone and saline have long been the standard options for breast implants. Both have been used extensively and are FDA-approved. Saline is the go-to material for some, thanks to salt water’s ability to be safely absorbed by the body and the smaller incision length. Silicone is often lauded as the closest thing to real breast tissue, but it continues to raise some health concerns regarding toxic leaks and hard-to-find ruptures.

Gummy bear implants are made from silicone gel similar to Jello, or gummy bears. Although the implants are covered in a tough outer shell for extra protection, the material doesn’t run when cut like silicone or saline. To many women, gummy bear implants are the ideal implant type: the benefit of the natural look and feel of silicone, without the fear of dangerous ruptures.

Gummy Bear Implants Pros and Cons

Gummy bear implants have notable advantages over traditional silicone and saline implants.

  • Less likely to rupture and leak
  • Similar texture to real breast tissue
  • The latest advancement in breast implant technology
  • Low risk of capsular contraction or hardening, thanks to the gel-like consistency
  • Retain their form easily, which cuts down on risk of rippling
  • Should the implant tear, less likely for the fluid to spill into the bloodstream

With that being said, there are some cons to gummy bear implants.

  • Long-term results with many patients has not been studied
  • Areola or underarm insertion only; too large to be implanted via navel
  • Some women may find the firmness of the implants to be uncomfortable
  • More expensive than other implant types

Gummy Bear Market Quickly Expanding

The buzz regarding gummy bear implants has been around for a couple of years, but the new implants were only available as part of a case-study by the FDA. They are now officially available for mass market via Sientra, a producer of breast implants, in either round or tear-drop shapes. But according to in-the-know medical experts, it’s only a matter of time before cosmetic giants like Allergan and Mentor obtain approval.

Finding a Gummy Bear Implant Plastic Surgeon

If you’re interested in gummy bear implants, finding a qualified plastic surgeon can be difficult. That’s why in addition to helpful information on breast surgery, Breast Augmentation Resources provides you with free access to a nationwide network of esteemed plastic surgeons and plastic surgery clinics. Contact our representatives today to schedule a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon in your area!



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