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Are Those Real? A Guide to Identifying Breast Implants

by Marisa Amorasak

People's eyes have a tendency to wander toward women's breasts. As natural curiosity sets in, they end up asking themselves the million dollar question: are they real or fake? Here are some reliable tips on determining whether those puppies are the result of a natural gift or a gifted plastic surgeon:


Real breasts are quite jiggly when you touch them-- and even if you can't, they tend to bounce, sway, and otherwise move when the woman is also in movement. That's because real breasts are very much connected to the chest. The tissues and fat inside the breast are naturally a part of the body, so they move as one. Implants, on the other hand, are sacs of silicone or saline whose only movement exists within the sac itself. If you see a woman who has large breasts that stay more or less in the same place while she is moving around, they're probably fake.


Breast implants are supposed to be perfect. And generally speaking, perfect breasts are quite perky. The curve of natural breasts usually begins somewhere around the armpit. Of course, they can be lifted with the help of push up bras. Good breast implants will sit at the armpit, with or without a bra. If you happen to catch a woman with implants bra-less, her breasts will likely sit at the same level as they did in a bra. Also, if they breasts sit entirely too high up on the chest, it's another indicator of breast augmentation.


Swell refers to the rise in the breasts-- essentially, the cleavage. The swell of real breasts should be a gradual downward slope. If the swell is very sudden and round, you may be looking at breast implants. Cleavage from implants often look like bubbles. These bubbles can range from unnoticeable to very, depending on the amount of skin and fat that the woman has over the implants. A skilled surgeon is aware of the bubbling affect, however, and may hide the implant under the muscle on women with little natural breast tissue.

The Lay-Down Test

A sure-fire way to determine if a woman's breasts are real or fake is to look at them when they are laying down on their back. Natural breast tissue will fall back into the chest, or sometimes to the sides. Implants will sit on top of the chest in the same shape that they are when the woman is standing up. Even if the woman is clothed, you should be able to see the cleavage fall into the chest.


Natural breast tissue is very soft and implants are quite a bit firmer. This is a well-known indicator of fake breasts, but the only way to determine the firmness of a woman's breasts is to touch them. And if your relationship with this woman has progressed to that point, then you probably already know if her breasts are real or fake.

Don't Be Fooled By...

Padded Bras. For less endowed women, padded bras can be a lifesaver. With that being said, padded bras are often very detectable. A woman wearing a padded bra may have a lot of mass within the bra, but less cleavage.

Proportional Stereotypes. It's often assumed that if a woman with a small frame has large breasts, they are fake. It's a logical assumption, but it simply doesn't apply to all women. There are many women out there who are small with large breasts and bottoms. Similarly, there are larger women who are not busty at all. You just can't judge a woman's breast authenticity based on her size.

Good breast implants performed by an experienced plastic surgeon are difficult to distinguish from natural breasts. If you'd like to learn more about breast augmentation or to schedule an appointment with a board-certified plastic surgeon in your area, contact us today!



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