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In Bloom: Spring is the Season for Breast Augmentation

Blossoming flowers, steamy beach weather, and barely-there clothing: the key elements of springtime create the ideal environment for patients seeking breast augmentation. While many efforts will go toward a flatter stomach and a deep tan, plastic surgeons say spring brings an influx of patients interested in larger breasts. And it just might be the perfect time—recovery from breast augmentation only takes about a month, so you can be flaunting your bikini bod by summer.

Breast augmentation is continuously one of the top plastic surgery procedures in the United States. In 2011, over 300,000 people chose breast implants to increase their bust size, and it doesn’t look like those numbers are going anywhere. Experts attribute the steady interest in breast augmentation to the availability of increasingly advanced techniques and materials—in addition to silicone and breast augmentation, the FDA has recently approved gummy bear implants for a new option in augmentation. And unlike a thinner waist or a more toned physique, larger breasts cannot be achieved through healthy diet and exercise. Today’s breast augmentation is completely customizable, with patients being able to choose the material, size, insertion location, shape, and other features of their breast implants.

Board-certified North Carolina plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Cummings says that he typically sees an upswing in breast augmentation patients during the spring. Between February and June, women start seriously considering how they will look in their swimsuit, on vacation, and in other warm weather situations. Tax refunds are also a contributing factor to the increase, says Dr. Cummings. It’s understandable that a little extra cash makes implants seem more affordable, but most plastic surgery clinic offer easy financing options to make breast augmentation attainable throughout the year.

In addition to implants, other breast surgeries can improve the look of other body types. Breast reduction is a good option for women with oversized, cumbersome breasts, and a breast lift is ideal for women that want to perk things up without going any larger. If you’re considering breast augmentation, the next step is to speak with a board-certified plastic surgeon in your area. During your in-depth consultation, you’ll learn more about the breast augmentation procedure, costs, recovery time, and more. Contact our representatives today to book a consultation.



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