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Nipple Tassles, Rings, Pasties, and Other Mammilla Decor

There's no doubt about it—men and women are absolutely obsessed with breasts! On top of a growing list of ways to surgically enhance breasts (implants, fat transfers, lifts), some people are also giving the oft-forgot areolas a bit of specialized attention. Nipple decoration is a fun way to accessorize the breast area without the commitment of plastic surgery. Whether you're looking for eclectic or erotic, the following rundown of nipple decoration will have you itching to nip your mammilla desires in the bud.

Nipple Tassles

An erotic outlet staple, nipple tassles are also a fun way to spice up your love life. Nipple tassles usually clip on to the nipple, which provides sexual arousal for the lucky woman wearing them. The tassle components are available in a variety of different materials, styles, and lengths. Choose one that fits your personality or to match a get-up. Aside from being an obviously risque wardrobe choice, nipple tassles draw attention the breasts natural movement. Make sure to remove your nipple tassles when you're done with them, as prolonged wear can decrease sensitivity in this erogenous zone.

Nipple Pasties

Hello, Janet Jackson! Nipple pasties offer a temporary way to embellish two favorite female body parts. They are often one-time use adhesives, which makes them an ideal nipple decor option for people who are turned off by clips. The decoration options are endless with nipple pasties, and come in a huge range of colors, designs, and shapes. Take a cue from pop stars like Rihanna and Janet, who are known to use nipple pasties as sort of an accessory visible from underneath their clothes. On the flip side, nipple pasties are a way to provide a teensy bit of coverage underneath revealing tops that aren't suited for normal bras. Victoria's Secret, Fredrick's of Hollywood, and other specialty lingerie stores offer more utilitarian pasties for wearing beneath clothing.

Nipple Rings

If body piercings are your thing, a pair of nipple rings is a fun and daring choice. Nipple rings offer more permanent adornment than tassles or pasties, but require a bit of care. After allowing your nipple piercings to heal, you may need to wear nipple shields underneath normal clothing to prevent irritation and infection. Desensitizing is also a possibility.

Nipple Clips

Forget the froofy tassles—nipple clips are a form of nipple adornment for people ready to take the plunge into serious nipple decor! They're also ideal for ladies with small or inverted nipples, as they catch on the nipple easily. Nipple clips can vary from light to very firm, so be always be careful when using them.

If you've recently undergone any sort of breast surgery, avoid nipple tassles and clips. Here at Breast Augmentation Specialists, we're dedicated to providing you the most reliable information on all things related to breast surgery. Browse our directory of board-certified plastic surgeons to find a breast implant doctor near you, then schedule an in-depth consultation!



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