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British Surgeon Reveals Mathematical Formula for Perfect Breasts

by Marisa Amorasak

A prominent British plastic surgeon has developed what he calls the “perfect boob formula.” Dr. Patrick Mallucci of London based his findings on the analysis of hundreds of men’s magazines featuring topless women as well as measuring some of the country’s most sought-after breasts.

"I studied a wide variety of photographs of the most popular topless models to work out the various proportions they had in common and what made those particular features attractive,” explained Dr. Mallucci. His findings have allowed him to create a breast augmentation formula that gives patients similar dimensions, regardless of the size.

The perfect breasts pack slightly more volume at the bottom than at the top, with upward pointing nipples and a definite slope down the top of the breasts. That means that Dr. Mallucci’s ideal breasts aren’t the cylindrical cantaloupes of adult film stars—they actually mimic a natural shape. The breasts he analyzed were that of unaugmented women with breasts that were widely considered flaw-free.

"All of the models I looked at conformed to these parameters. None of them were augmented and yet they were clearly considered to have beautiful breasts, so I wanted to examine how that could be achieved in someone not so well-endowed by using an implant.” He went on to say that all of the women he analyzed had similar measurements, though the actual size of their breasts were variable.

"The ideal is a 45 to 55 per cent proportion—the nipple sits not at the half-way mark down the breast, but at about 45 per cent from the top." That means that the lower portion of the breast will just a bit larger. The upper portion should have either a straight or concave slope, which is contrary to the look of more obvious implants. Dr. Mallucci cited Victoria Beckham’s “unnaturally round” implants as the kind that his patients specifically asked for him to avoid. On the other hand, they coveted the look of model Caprice Bourret’s naturally sloping breasts. Dr. Mallucci also noted that the nipples should point upward, but not more than twenty degrees.

"Obviously personal interpretation and expression has to be accounted for, but this has allowed me to develop a template that I have been using successfully for some time,” said Dr. Mallucci.

If you’re interested in getting breast augmentation, the consultation appointment is the ideal time to learn more about the procedure and voice your exact desires to your plastic surgeon. Describe your ideal slope, lower breast ratio, or any other breast idea you may have. In addition to being a source for reliable information on breast surgery, Breast Augmentation Resources can schedule you a private consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon in your area. Contact us today!



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