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Your Plastic Surgeon Might Be a Fraud If...

A new report by pix11.com reports a loophole in New York State law, which allows any doctor to perform cosmetic procedures without the assistance of a nursing staff or anesthesiologist.

A group of New York moms opted for curvier and cosmetically fit bodies with some surgical assistance from Dr. Ayman Shahine. The women underwent liposuction, breast augmentation, and fat transfers, but unbeknownst to them, the doctor is not actually a plastic surgeon.

Shahine is a gynecologist who has been repeatedly sued for malpractice. He operates a so-called ‘plastic surgery mill’ in Midtown that reportedly operates around the clock and accepts cash.

According to pix11.com, “Carolyn Robinson, a mother of two, was sold when she heard the celebrities he’d worked on, including Nya Lee of Love & Hip Hop fame and Mob Wives’ Renee Graziano.”

The report goes on to say that Robinson “didn’t get the celebrity treatment. Instead, she was among patients who spent days in a tiny waiting room as Shahine worked around the clock, keeping them drugged with pills doled out by non-medical personnel. She found out too late that he operates without a nurse or anesthesiologist, giving only local numbing skin injections.”

Robinson says she then demanded her money back. “That’s when he sent another dose of the pills and I started getting weak, sleepy.”

Despite Shahine’s claims of plastic and cosmetic surgery expertise on YouTube, including breast implants and Brazilian butt lifts, Robinson claims otherwise. She says Shahine only did half the work on her body-contouring liposuction and breast surgery.

“He just put in the implant and stitch [sic] me up,” she states. “He never gave me the breast lift or the tightening.” She told pix11.com that she paid $14,500 in cash for the procedures.

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