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Post-Masectomy Breast Reconstruction

A masectomy is a common procedure that removes one or both breasts as a preemptive move to avoid breast cancer or as a treatment for existing breast cancer. Although it's very effective medically, masectomies can be somewhat traumatizing to a woman's confidence and personal femininity. If only one breast is removed, it can result in a lopsided appearance. If both breasts are removed, any amount of breast tissue that the patient carried with her throughout her lifetime will be gone. Many masectomy patients choose to undergo breast reconstruction surgery after their masectomies in order to maintain or improve their feminine shape. There are two options for post-masectomy breast reconstruction: breast implants and breast tissue reconstruction.

Post-Masectomy Breast Implants

Getting implants after a masectomy isn't very different than regular breast implants. As long as the masectomy leaves enough natural tissue and skin to cover the implant without stretching too much, implants are a fine choice. Breast implants can either be inserted during the masectomy or at a later date. You can either maintain your old breast size or increase it to a size you've always wanted. Your plastic surgeon will help you choose an implant with the right cc size to suit your desires.

Average Post-Masectomy Breast Implant Cost: $4,000

Post-Masectomy Breast Reconstruction

Sometimes, breast reconstruction after a masectomy isn't as simple as inserting implants. Since a masectomy removes a lot of naturally existing breast tissue, there's often not enough room within the breast for an implant. That's when tissue expanders come into play. A tissue expander helps to stretch out the skin so that it can accommodate an implant. It functions much like a balloon, and is inserted into the breast either during or after the masectomy. On a weekly basis, it is injected with a saline solution that expands it. Once your plastic surgeon feels like your breast has been expanded enough to fit implants they will be inserted.

A more complicated form of post-masectomy breast reconstruction involves taking tissue from other areas of the body (such as the back, abdomen, or thighs) and surgically attaching them to the breasts. Implants may or may not be used in addition to the tissue transfer. This is a much more complicated and costly procedure, but it could yield results that feel more natural.

Average Post-Masectomy Breast Reconstruction Cost: $7,000

Post-Masectomy Nipple Reconstruction

Depending on the type of masectomy you had, it may or may not have left your nipple in tact. Some types of masectomies completely remove the nipple, some leave it in its place, and others may leave the nipple but change its shape or positioning. Nipple reconstruction is a common and routine procedure after a masectomy. If there is an existing nipple, your plastic surgeon may shape it to your desire and then reattach it on the breast. If no nipple exists, it can be made out of skin grafts from other parts of your body. It almost always involves tattooing the new “areola.”

Post-Masectomy Nipple Reconstruction Cost: $2,2000

Scheduling Your Post-Masectomy Breast Reconstruction

You don't have to suffer from smaller or malformed breasts after your masectomy. If you're interested in regaining your feminine physique, Breast Augmentation Resources can schedule a private consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon in your area. Contact us today!



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