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Plastic Surgery Foundation Raises Breast Reconstruction Awareness

The Plastic Surgery Foundation announced ten recipients of its 2013 Breast Reconstruction Awareness Fund grant awards.

The foundation awarded these nonprofit organizations funding totaling 130,000 dollars to support both breast reconstruction awareness projects and programs and charitable surgical care for women diagnosed with breast cancer.

“From helping uninsured breast cancer survivors afford breast reconstruction surgery to hosting a 5K walk/run event to raise awareness, these organizations are truly dedicated to progressing breast cancer care through breast reconstruction,” Charles Verheyden, M.D., Ph.D, president of the Plastic Surgery Foundation, told Market Watch.

“Breast reconstruction is a restorative, final step in breast cancer treatment. It is our hope that the grants will allow these organizations to expand their resources – and the very important work that they do – to an even larger audience. We’re proud to support these well-deserving organizations.”

Grantees submitted applications in two Breast Reconstruction Awareness Fund grant categories, Breast Reconstruction Surgery Charitable Care Grants and Breast Reconstruction Surgery Public Awareness Grants.

Breast Reconstruction Surgery Charitable Care Grants range from 5,000 to 10,000 dollars. The Plastic Surgery Foundation awards these grants to United States based charities that have demonstrated a commitment to providing breast reconstruction surgery charity care. These charities must use the grant funds directly to support the surgical care expenses for women undergoing breast reconstruction.

The Plastic Surgery Foundation awards Breast Reconstruction Surgery Public Awareness Grants, up to 10,000 dollars, to United States based charities with a commitment to increasing the awareness of breast reconstruction surgery. These grant funds should be used directly to support the development and implementation of projects and programs with the intent of raising the awareness of breast reconstruction surgery options in the community.

The 2013 grant recipients include New York’s Breast Treatment Task Force, Harbor City, California’s Evelyn’s Breast Friends Forever, St. Louis’ Gateway to Hope, Seminole, Florida’s My Hope Chest, the San Francisco General Hospital Foundation, Los Angeles’ Busted Foundation, Haverford, Pennsylvania’s Living Beyond Breast Cancer, Raleigh, North Carolina’s Myself: Together Again, Springfield, Illinois’ SIU School of Medicine and the University of Pittsburgh.

Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day USA generated proceeds to support the Breast Reconstruction Awareness Fund and its grant programs. The Plastic Surgery Foundation and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons created and sponsored this day as part of the Breast Reconstruction Awareness campaign.

The Breast Reconstruction Awareness Fund aims to fund research, further awareness and education and provide financial aid to organizations supporting surgical care for uninsured or under-insured women diagnosed with breast cancer undergoing breast reconstruction.

Founded in 1948, the Plastic Surgery Foundation supports research, international volunteer and visiting professor programs. With the help of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the foundation aims to improve patient care quality through research and development and provide support to the research of plastic surgery sciences through a diverse array of grant programs, clinical trial networks, training programs and forums.

If you or someone you know would like to learn more about the Plastic Surgery Foundation or updates to breast cancer efforts, please stay tuned to BreastAugmentationResources.com. If you would like to schedule a consultation with a doctor near you, please contact our team of representatives today.



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