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Did Selena have Breast Implants?

When media personality Selena Gomez arrived in New York City earlier this month, she caused quite a cause célèbre. Apparently, the former child teen star and current young-adult star has revealed a much curvier figure. HollywodLife.com consulted three different plastic surgeons who confirmed their opinion that Miss Gomez has indeed undergone breast augmentation.

“It appears that Selena has had a breast augmentation. The breasts appear fuller and you can see the outline of the upper portion of the implant. They tend to sit high on the chest wall in the immediate post-operative period. My imprint from the picture is that she had the operation fairly recently,” Dr. Jonathan Shifren of WAVE Plastic Surgery Center in LA told the tabloid back in early July.

The surgery scuttlebutt all started when Selena had an NYC evening out in black tank with no bra. HollywodLife.com was there for hands-on input. “Without having operated on her it is hard to tell the exact size of the implants, but it seems based upon the before and after photos provided it is probably around a 300 to 325 cc implant (a “full C” on her frame),” Dr. Jennifer Walden, a Austin plastic surgeon states emphatically.

Dr. Steve Fallek, a plastic surgeon based in NY, agreed completely. “Right breast is a dead giveaway [to a boob job]. Way too full and shapely on the top which can only happen with an implant. Also because she is not wearing a bra you can see where the nipple areola complex is in relationship to the rest of her breast.” Dr. Yoel S. Shahar, M.D, another NYC Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon, concurs. “Analyzing the pictures before and after it is obvious that she underwent breast augmentation recently. The implants were probably placed under the muscle, which make the recovery a little longer, about 2 weeks. It appears that the implants were placed too high pushing the nipples to a lower position.”

According to the rep for Selena Gomez, the celebrity has not obtained any plastic or cosmetic surgery. However, it seems the jury and the plastic surgery board is still out. What do you think? No doubt we will continue to keep you “abreast” of any upcoming updates on Selena Gomez, chest in case.

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