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Silicone Shortage: Venezuela Has Run Out of Breast Images

Winning a breast augmentation is surely the booby prize in Venezuela.

Unable to bring breast implants into the country due to finances and politics, Venezuela suffers from a shortage of implants, which are given away through pharmacy contests and by employers in a country that rates 5th highest for breast augmentation surgery.

According to a CNN Money report, the Venezuelan government decides who receives access to the dollars needed to import foreign products.

“These government currency controls have become increasingly tight, making it very difficult for surgeons to buy the preferred -- and more expensive -- American implants, which they say are safer than cheaper Chinese-made alternatives,” reported CNN Money.

CVT News reported that during this “spring's anti-government street demonstrations, the occasional sign protesting the rising price of breast implants mixed in with posters railing against food shortages and currency devaluation.”

While in the United States and other countries, breast augmentation is more affordable due to supply, Caracas plastic surgeon Dr. Ernesto Mendoza wants to know what the future holds for the financially-strapped industry in Venezuela.

“Obviously, this situation is reflected in the higher costs of prostheses,” Mendoza said to CNN Money. “If these costs go up or are increased, what happens then is that surgery is only available to those with higher incomes.”

Ingrid de Borjas, who runs Breast Help, an organization dedicated to reconstructive surgery due to health issues.

“Prostheses are nearly $5,000 (US) and only if you can find them,” Borjas told CNN Money. “The shortages are affecting everything. Women who were hoping to get breast implants are seeing their dreams unfulfilled. Chemotherapy treatments are also extremely expensive, as well as radiation.”

With cost and supply an issue, Borjas says that women who are in need of reconstruction due to breast cancer, are opting for far less expensive silicone-filled cups to be placed in their bras. And if that is too expensive, some women are simply using small pads of fabric and cotton to give them a fuller look until future surgery.

CNN Money further reported in the news video, that the country is in constant need.

“First it was milk, eggs and chicken and then other products started running out. Breast implants are among a long list of sparse products,” according to the video report.

While the demand for food supplies and D cups remains in Venezuela, many women are left to wait for the elective surgery. With 85,000 performed last year, there is still great promise in purchasing the perfect breasts abroad.

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