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Special Bras for Breast Implants?

by Marisa Amorasak

Breast augmentation gives women the full, shapely breasts they’ve always dreamed of. In addition to giving women larger breasts, implants leave women with breasts that are perkier, rounder, and wider than natural breasts. Thus, traditional bras don’t always produce the best fit for augmented breasts. Well-fitted bras should be comfortable and supportive. Read on to learn more about what to keep in mind when shopping for bras for breast implants.

Why You Need Special Bras For Implants

After breast augmentation, a patient’s breast will have a totally new shape. Unfortunately, this shape often doesn’t fit into ordinary bras and so adequate support, coverage, and fit is difficult to find. Generally speaking, implants are more spherical than natural breasts. Both the circular and teardrop-shaped implants have a round profile. Most bras have underwire that follows a more ovular shape—ideally, the underwire for breast implants should be round to fit the implant’s contour. The cup itself should also be round, as implants stick out from the body more than natural breasts. It’s important to know that implants are made from heavier materials than natural breasts, so good support is extra important. A truly well-fitted bra supports from the underwire and cup, not the shoulder straps. The connector between the cups will also need to be wider, as implants are spaced further apart. Finally, implants are anatomically positioned higher on the chest and may require higher bands.

Le Mystere No. 9 For Implants

Le Mystere No. 9 is the first line of bras specially designed for “the augmented woman,” as their slogan says. The bras were created with the help of board-certified plastic surgeon David Brothers, who addressed some of the problems that women with breast augmentation were facing when it came to their bras. Le Mystere No. 9 features three key features: more spherical cup shapes, semicircle underwires, and a larger center connector. Although Le Mystere No. 9 is one of the only commercially available bras for breast implants, it’s been met with critical reviews by consumers. Many of the people who’ve tried Le Mystere No. 9 claim that the bra is too full-coverage and resembles an “old lady” bra, not a sexy, luxury bra. Le Mystere No. 9 is available at lingerie retailers, specialty department stores, and some plastic surgery clinics.

Spandex For Fit

Bras made from Spandex (also known as Lycra) may be useful for women with breast implants. The incredibly stretchy consistency of Spandex can easily conform to the shape of a woman’s breast. If you’re a woman looking for post-breast augmentation bras, searching for ones with a high Spandex percentage in the cup may fit the round shape of implants more closely. Cup fit is important to any bra because it provides a no-show look beneath clothing as well as provide support. While Spandex is a good quality to have in a bra for breast implants, it’s even more important to have a properly fitting underwire. Many bras made of spandex are designated for sports performance and don’t contain underwire.

Talk to Your Plastic Surgeon

An experienced plastic surgeon will know that augmented breasts benefit from specialty bras. Many plastic surgery clinics sell bras for implants or can refer you to a retailer that does. If you’re interested in breast augmentation, we’ll set up a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon in your area. At your private consultation, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions regarding post-augmentation bras, pricing, and implant sizes. Contact our representatives today!



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