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What Is The Average Lifespan Of Breast Implants?

You’ve finally made the decision to get breast augmentation. You know exactly what material (gummy bear!), cc size, and muscular placement is best for you. But just when you think that you’ve planned out every step of your new breast implants, someone tells you that the average lifespan of breast implants is only about 10 – 20 years. Hold on, these things don’t last forever? Whether you’re considering breast implants or you already have a pair that are towards the end of their prime, it’s important to know the facts about how long breast implants really last.

While experts give most breast implants about 20 years maximum, the lifespan of your implants is a individual matter dictated by their physical state and how you feel about them. So when it comes to making the call to replace your breast implants, consider the following factors:

  • Are They Silicone Or Saline? The silicone implants made prior to the FDA ban in 1992 tend to rupture and encapsulate easily. More modern silicone implants have tough exteriors that don’t leak easily. Saline implants don’t pose any risk when leaking, but they are more noticeable.
  • Do You Notice Any Rippling, Sagging, Or Hardness? Such changes in your breast implants can indicate a problem with the material.
  • Are You Happy With Your Breast Implants? Over time, your aesthetic preferences may have changed. Dissatisfaction with the appearance of breast implants is a common and reasonable reason for many women who choose to get their implants removed. Some women go on to get larger or smaller implants or a breast lift.

Breast implants are made to be ultra-durable, but natural stressors tend to add up. Extreme pressure on the breasts in the form of a (very necessary) mammogram can cause even the most durable implants to rupture and leak. Capsular contraction can occur thanks to the body’s natural defenses against foreign objects, infection, hematoma, or even smoking.

Life After Breast Implants: Removal and Replacement

Breast implant removal surgery is a simple, 1-2 hour procedure. During the surgery, the plastic surgeon may also remove any associated damage—scar tissue, benign lumps, leaked gel. While many doctors sympathize with patients who wish to have their implants removed due to personal preferences, the surgery may pose a bigger risk to women with in-tact, problem-free silicone gel implants. The removal of saline implants is widely considered safer and less problematic.

Because breast implants tend to stretch out existing breast tissue, breast lifts after implant removal are common. A breast lift does not involve an implant or foreign object. Instead, your plastic surgeon will improve the appearance of the breast without adding volume. For patients who still want some form of implants, breast implant replacement is possible. Use the opportunity to improve your satisfaction with your implants: increase or decrease the cc size, choose a more advanced material, or have them positioned a little differently.

Breast implants don’t last forever, and you have a range of choices to make both before and after your breast augmentation. Breast Augmentation Resources is dedicated to providing useful information on all things related to breast surgery. We can also connect you with a board-certified plastic surgeon with expertise on breast implant replacement, removal, and more. Contact our representatives now to schedule a personal consultation with a doctor near you.



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