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You Won’t Believe What Happened to this Transgendered ‘Barbie’

A transgender woman has reportedly been removed from a reality TV show that takes a positive stance on plastic surgery. The lady in question, Nicole Sanders, said her breast correction surgery, which was filmed for a new show on E! Television, ended up suffering from complications. The impediments have adversely affected her ability to do work and pay her bills. Adding insult to injury (and surgery), the footage she filmed was ultimately cut from the television program. However, an inside source has insinuated that the real problem may be Nicole Sanders herself.

The Daily News made a report stating that “Nicole Sanders says she filmed a breast correction for the show, and ended up suffering complications that have affected her ability to work. Sanders, who has since been cut from the reality show, is now ‘furious’ that producers are no longer using her footage. She alleges that due to complications from the procedure, she has been unable to work for two months and lost her apartment in Los Angeles after she failed to make the rent.”

The column goes on to state Sanders own stance on the show. “I may have been cut from the ‘Botched’ show, Good!” Sanders recently posted to her social media. “Yes I got a free boob job but to lose my apt dedicating myself to production for 2 months of filming was so not worth it …”

However, another source has indicated that Sanders is unreasonably difficult to work with and too much for the producers and production crew of the show. “Sanders was born Jason Torres, and has had countless surgeries over the years in an effort to resemble a Barbie doll — including five breast surgeries, calf implants, lip fillers, four nose jobs, a brow lift, cheek implants, jaw surgery, chin implants, tons of Botox and sexual reassignment surgery. Her transformation has cost more than $100,000.”

The inside source, who chooses to be left anonymous stated “Nicole is someone who has already had numerous procedures and was very difficult to work with on the show. She became more of a diva and a liability from the ­beginning of her involvement and was very demanding. I am sure she was cut due to how she acted and treated people on the show, to be honest. But she also has her own side to tell and it could be that they did not want to show someone with bad surgical results.”

Given Nicole Sanders botched show and breast, one supposes all one can do is see what develops…

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