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Bittar Aesthetic Surgery of LaGrange

5201 S Willow Springs Rd
Suite 440, Building C
La Grange, IL 60525

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For those seeking to increase their breast size and obtain a curvy physique, Dr. Sami Bittar is a body contouring specialist in Chicago and LaGrange. As a qualified plastic surgeon, Dr. Bittar offers various breast augmentation procedures ranging from implants and lifts to reductions and reconstruction. Named “Top Doctor, Chicago Metro Area,” Dr. Bittar provides patients with expertise and care, ultimately giving them the results they truly want.

Complimentary consultations can be scheduled with Dr. Bittar and his highly trained staff. During a patients visit, Dr. Bittar will answer all questions about breast augmentation, as well as discuss medical history and price information. To learn more about this Chicago-based surgeon and schedule a consultation, contact us today.


  • MD—Damascus University, College of Medicine, 1980


  • General Surgery Resident July 1982 – 1987
    The Western Pennsylvania Hospital
    Department of Surgery
    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


  • Board Certified in General Surgery, 1989
  • Board Certified in Plastic Surgery, American Board of Plastic Surgery, 1992

Other Points of Interest

  • Peer-published review honoree, “Top Doctors, Chicago Metro Area.”

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Colonie Center
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Patient Testimonials:

"I feel very good about the info I discussed with Dr. Bittar and staff. Feeling confident about getting procedure done."
LYNN.Q. - Kankakee, IL

"I was very impressed with dr Bittar! He was very good at explaining all risks and pros and cons of each choice I have to make. He gave his recommendation but also said the finally decision would be mine. I felt very good about the consult and will more than likely use him for the procedure."
LEAH.P. - Western Springs, IL

"Thank you so much. I appreciate everything you guys have done. The consultation was excellent and I was very satisfied with Dr. Bittar. He makes you feel so good. I will definitely have the procedure done with Dr. Bittar."
NOHA.H. - Chicago, IL

"Excellent comfort level & great experience."
KAREN.M. - Justice, IL

"I really enjoyed my visit with Dr Bittar.He was kind,friendly and was able to answer all my question, The procedure that I'm interesting in getting I do believe that he would do a great job. "
CHARNICE.S. - Chicago, IL

"Im soo exited!!!"
ROSALINA.R. - Lockport, IL

"I am excited and very comfortable about having this procedure. The doctor and his staff were very friendly and helpful which put me at ease and helped me make the final decision without fear."
CHRIS.D. - La Grange Highlands, IL

"Dr. Bittar is a very kind and personable Doctor. He made me feel confident about why I need the procedure and How much better I would look and feel after it is done. He was realistic and straight forward with how my healing would be and pain. It was like he knew me and he didn't make me nervous or embarrassed. His price is comparable to most other doctors for a tummy tuck so if you can afford it I would go with Dr. Bittar!"
JEANNE.F. - Schaumburg, IL

"Still unsure about the risks and likely outcome. Worried about the finances and haven't received a quote yet."
SARAH.N. - Lake Forest, IL

"The wait was about 40 minutes, once in - I was not prepared to have photos taken of me. The loading of the photos took some time. The Dr. did spend alot of time with me, but I was unhappy with the procedure he thought I should have. I will not be considering this procedure at any time in the near future. "
SHEILA.S. - La Grange Park, IL

"Dr. Bittar went over the "After Consulation",segment on this,not the staff.He seemed kind and had my best intrests in mind. Very detailed. "
BENJAMIN.B. - Broadview, IL

"Dr Bittar. made the whole service and procedure very pleasant it has only been one month and I see so much improvement with the results I can't wait for the summer to be able to show off my jeans. lol."
ELENA.V. - Romeoville, IL

"I love the office. Staff was extremely friendly and made me feel very comfortable. I will have my procedure with this doctor."
SHAWNESE.H. - Calumet City, IL

"Dr. Bittar and his staff were very pleasant and professional. I am still undecided concerning the procedure only because i need to have medical clearance before I can have it done. However Dr. Bittar did a wonderful job explaining everything. He was the the nicest and most patient oriented doctor that I have ever met."
VENUS.H. - Lagrange, IL

"i found Dr. Bittar and his staff very knowledgeable and i put all my trust in them. I am very happy with the decision i made to have Dr. Bittar do my procedure. Thank you."
SHANNA.H. - Hammond, IN

"I may go for a second opinion"
AMALIA.G. - Romeoville, IL

"Dr. Bittar was quite friendly and I was completely comfortable with him and his staff. Although I went for a consult for a different procedure he suggested the blaphoplasty (among others) and I am pleased with both his suggestion and the result."
DEBBIE.B. - North Riverside, IL

"The physician decided that another procedure my work. I was very pleased that he wanted to try something else before. "
SUSAN.M. - Indianapolis, IN

"I had the procedure done already and everything went fine. The only thing that I was dissapointed with was the price. Signature forum told us 2,000-4,000 and then the office told us 2,000-4,800. The doctor told me that my mouth would be easy as they were not that big but charged me 4,500 dollars anyway. This was a dissapointing factor."
JEREMY.M. - Becker, MN

"i do plan to go ahead with this procedure although i wasnt thinking id also need a breast lift and when quoted me this price, i was shocked! this is all thats holding me back a little and i wonder if someone would be more reasonable and yet as good a surgeon as dr. bittar!"
SHELBY.H. - Burbank, IL

"Everyone there was great they made me feel like I was speaking with a friend rather then a doctors office. That made me feel alot more at ease when I made my decision to move forward with the doctor.

His assistant was great as well. Now I am going to her to complete my facials instead of the spa I was going to. (Which by the way treated me like another client instead of a friend) People don't give enough thought into how they would feel if they were on the other end. This office did. They're great and I hope to give great references after my experience with them is complete.

Thanks for getting me in contact with them. "
LYNNE.C. - Chicago, IL

"I felt the doctor was very pricey & did not match what was said over the phone regarding cost."
CECILIA.B. - Milwaukee, WI

"Very nice office/staff and procedurely excellent medical attention. Dr. Bittar is highly professional."
EDGAR.S. - Lagrange, IL

"I was very surprised by the quote I was given. When I called, I was told it would be $3,000 - $8,000 depending what I all need done. I was expecting to be closer to the $3,000 area since there is not much I need done. "
CECILIA.B. - Milwaukee, WI

"I am waiting for a detail on the cost of the procedure(s) that was explained to me on Friday. I went in to the office to consult on one procedure and was told I should think about another at the same time. I am not sure I financially can afford both at this time. I am hopeing the estimate I receive in the mail will meet my expectation. Thank you for settting up the appt. and I hope it works out. "
JUDY.G. - Westchester, IL

"When I scheduled this appointment I was told that the 1st procedure was $350.00 and that treatments would begin the same day as my consultation. I was also asked for a credit card number to be retained in the event I did not show up for my appointment. I cleared my weekend anticipating this treatment. When I arrived at the office I was informed by the technician that the appointment was for a consultation only. I was also informed the the treatements were $500.00 each or $2500.00 for a package that inclueded five treatments as well as dermabrasion treatements. I also asked the technician if it was standard practice to be charged for missed appointments. She told me that they do not take credit card information in order to secure visits. Needless to say, I was very disappointed that I could not begin the treatments. Also, the error made in pricing will present a financial burden for me. The treatments will cost me $750.00 more than I had anticipated. I'm not sure that I can afford this additional expense at this time. Dr. Bittar's office will be contacting you to discuss these issues. Aside from the confusion described above, I found the consultation experience very informative, and the technician made me feel very comfortable. Thank you for following up with me. "
JANET.R. - Palos Hills, IL

"would like more info on financing."
SHARON.A. - Chicago, IL

"The office was very comfortable. "
JENNI.H. - Palatine, IL

"I want to save a little bit more money or find a doctor with their own operating room, lowering my cost if not I 'll go with this doctor, he wasn't very thorough though. But, he did have excellent pictures and I did fell comfortable. He also gave me information on how I can save in my operation and he actually suggested that I save for a little while, before trying to finiance so much. That was cool."
TAI.G. - Chicago, IL

"I really appreciated the amount of time Dr. Bittar spent with me to answer my questions. I respected his professionalism and valued his caring. I plan to have my procedure done with Dr. Bittar."
ERIC.V. - Glen Ellyn, IL

"Dr. Bittar has an excellent personality. He is warm and friendly. I will definitely consider Dr. Bittar. Everything was great. "
MIMI.W. - Chicago, IL

"Great meeting with Dr. Bittar. He was very good and we will go with the procedure as soon as we finish 2 more consultations with other physicians by next week."
GHADA.B. - Aurora, IL

"I enjoyed meeting Dr. Bittar and he was able to make me feel at ease with the situation. The staff was very nice and knowlegeble as well. Overall a very positive experience."
ELIZABETH.H. - Wheaton, IL

"I felt very comfortable with the doctor, and confident about his ability to achieve the results I desire. "

"The doctor and physicians assistant showed great professionalism. The doctor's discussion of the procedure showed an extensive knowledge of the factors involved in its success."
PAULA .L. - Hinsdale, IL

"I never felt better at any physicians' office and I'm absolutely looking forward to having this operation with Dr. Bittar."
ALEXANDRA.G. - Palos Hills, IL

"I really enjoyed my consultation with Dr. Bitar, he was very professional and I felt totally secure in his presence. I came in with an idea and left with a vision."
TALIA.T. - Calumet City, IL


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