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Dr. Charles Perry

3800 J Street
Suite 210
Sacramento, CA 95816

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As a top cosmetic surgery professional in Sacramento, Dr. Charles Perry dedicates his time and energy to elite patient care. He specializes in the latest breast augmentation techniques and even offers more discreet operations like male breast reduction. Dr. Perry is a sensitive and attentive surgeon, empathetic to the needs and desires of every patient. He understands how difficult the enhancement process can be, and making a patient comfortable is a top priority.

That comfort starts at your initial consultation, where you’ll meet with Dr. Perry personally to discuss your aesthetic goals with breast augmentation surgery. You will also get the chance to ask any questions you may have and receive financial information. If you live in the Sacramento area and are considering plastic surgery, call us today to set up a consultation.


  • MD—University of Washington


  • General Surgery Internship - Maricopa County Medical Center, Phoenix, AZ
  • General Surgery - University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ
  • Plastic Surgery - University of Massachusetts, Worcester, MA


  • American Board of Plastic Surgery

Other Points of Interest

  • English and Spanish
  • Leonard F. Peltier Chairman's Award for Resident Research
  • Computer imaging available

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Dr. Charles Perry proudly serves these surrounding cities and neighborhoods:

Boulevard Park
Marshall School
New Era Park
and more...


Dr. Charles Perry is located within five miles of the following locations:

Arden Fair Mall

Patient Testimonials:

"I vaguely asked for references but he did state turning to the lady that was with him, we can show him so and so, I did mention it for post surgery, I feel they should have remembered that and I did say you are board certified, he should have gave me more detail on this, board certified and he should have said how many of these surgeries he has done? I just feel he should have remembered I asked for this and came up with some photos. It just did not materialize."
DANIEL.O. - Woodland, CA

"Good business Everyone was very helpful and knowledgeable. The doctor was polite and friendly and seemed very experienced in his field."
JERRY.N. - Yuba City, CA

"Dr. Perry was very helpful. My goal was not attainable due to my body make up. Dr. Perry provided me with possible alternatives. I am thankful for his valued expertise and I plan on avoiding any surgical procedure."
TODD.P. - Stockton, CA

"everyone was great the only thing that upset me is that i have still not heard back from the warranty?"
LAVONNE.V. - Chico, CA

"everyone was very nice, the Dr and staff were very helpful. I was nervous at first but now I'm very comfortable"
LAVONNE.V. - Chico, CA

"I am very happy with my choice of doctor and staff is great. I can't wait."
AMBER.C. - Sacramento, CA

"I was deceived and misled. I do not believe your people are to blame. I think that Ruth, who I spoke to on the phone was also misled. I made it clear to her that I needed to know price before paying for the consultation. She said in her information, it showed that it is $1,500.00 for that procedure. I told her, if that was true, I'd be interested. She asked if she could put me on hold so she could check for sure. She came back and said that it would be $1951.00. I said that, if that were true, I'd pay the $100 consultation fee because I'd want the procedure. After the consultation, Cheryl, in Dr. Perry's office, gave me a price of over $3,000.00. I believe it was $3,400.00, but I was so angry, I left without even taking the paper. I said I was told it was $1951.00. She said that was for the doctor's portion and didn't include, the facility, anesthesia... I made it clear I wanted to know the price before I paid the consultation fee. Of what use to me would a portion of the price have been? I was baited and switched. I called your number from the parking lot and was told it would be turned over to the customer service department. I hope that is being done, and that you will help me to get the $100 fee waived. In the meantime, I am drafting a letter to the doctor to give him a chance to make things right by refunding the fee before I go to the BBB and/or small claims court. Again, I do not believe that your people are at fault here. If I had been told that the price for the procedure was $3,400 or even $3,000, I never would have scheduled the consultation. I will appreciate your help in this matter. Thanks."
MARIE.R. - El Dorado, CA


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