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Dr. Mark Schusterman and Dr. Sanaz Harirchian

1200 Binz
Suite 1200
Houston, TX 77004

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A highly knowledgeable cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Mark Schusterman specializes in breast augmentation in the Houston area. Double Board Certified in plastic and general surgery, Dr. Schusterman is held in high regard for his impressive medical background and advanced surgical practices. He makes it a priority to support and comfort his patients throughout the plastic surgery process, providing them with helpful advice and information so they can better determine which procedure is right for them. It’s easy to see why Dr. Schusterman was named to “The Best Doctors in America” list five years in a row.

For first time patients, consultations are free. In these one-on-one meetings with Dr. Schusterman, you’ll discuss the breast augmentation procedure, receive a personalized medical plan and learn about financing options. So don’t hesitate to schedule your free consultation today.


  • M.D--University of Louisville School of Medicine


  • American Board of Plastic Surgery
  • American Board of Surgery

Other Points of Interest

  • Dr. Schusterman has authored more than 160 scientific articles and medical book chapters
  • Listed in the annual publications of "The Best Doctors in America" (5 consecutive years) and "America's Top Doctor"

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Fulton Mall

Patient Testimonials:

"I waited over 30 minutes before being taken back to be seen. Then I felt rushed during the visit. People kept popping in and out of the room and it left me a little uneasy upon leaving. Also I had to make a decision about how I was going to miss work because procedures were not done on Fridays. I emailed the lady assigned to my case soon after my appointment to ask if I could come back and try on different size implants with my clothes instead of the t-shirt given to me. I never heard back and that was the final straw."
ELLEN.S. - Bryan, TX

"Very excited"
MALISSA.N. - Conroe, TX

"I felt so comfortable with Dr. Schustermann that I chose not to see any other physician"
VIRGINIA.T. - Houston, TX

"What a very friendly staff. I was neutral on some comments due to the fact that my sister already had a procedure done and answered most of my questions. I feel the doctor would have provided me a thorough explanation of the procedure, risks, and recovery time had I asked. And, the coffee was delicious...thank you to the polite woman at the front desk! Michelle"
MICHELLE Y..H. - Houston, TX

"It is very tempting to want to have elective surgery that is performed by Dr. Schusterman. We believe him to be the best in the business and his results and references are impecable. I was unrealistic in my expectations and the extent of the surgery. Thank you, Dr. Schusterman, for giving me a free appointment so that I could make the decision that is right for me. I will always remember you for your kindness and generosity! "
ANNA.F. - Ocean Pines, MD

"great experience. "
LIGIA.P. - Woodlands, TX

"Up in the air about costs. My Cigna insurance does not cover Dr. Schusterman's expenses. May have to go on Medicare (30 - 60 day delay) in order to have the breast reconstruction after mastectomy. Dr. told me not to worry.. that something should be able to be worked out but I do worry. It's just a shame that after everything a breast cancer patient has to go through, this is the most difficult step. It's not the dr's fault... just a fact of life. Not sure if Cigna will work with the dr's office. Hopefully, I will get some good news from Connie on Fri."
MARSHA L.M. - Houston, TX

"I also plan about 2 months after arm and face procedure to have the laser facial done."

"It was an extremely positive environment with wonderful staff. It made the experience a lot less daunting than anticipated. I have a lot to think about. "
MAUREEN.C. - Houston, TX

"Staff very helpful getting insurance coverage to pay as breast cancer was in my medical history."
LIESL.O. - Houston, TX

"The staff was very friendly and understanding. They were very caring and made my visit very comfortable. The office was very clean and well kept. This experience was amazing. Thank to everyone. "
ELIZABETH.P. - Kountze, TX

"Dr. Schusterman is great! Who wouldn't love him?"
LIESL.O. - Houston, TX

"I felt like I was just being rushed through everything. They were not helpful with information and mostly just sat there and looked at me blankly. I went to another Dr and found much more helpful service."
BREEANNA.P. - Cypress, TX

"I found Dr Schusterman to be very helpful in his explanations. I was impressed with the thouroughness of his evaluation (BP,measurements,pics,etc) I was also happy to find that he was inline with my expectations just by listening to my input and was able to help me pick a size based on that input. Staff was friendly and informative and that makes a difference. I believe that a staff is a direct relflection of the Dr. "
TINA.V. - Pearland, TX

"The Dr. was recommended to me by a friend and co-worker. I was impressed by his direct explanations of the procedure. He did not try to persuade me one way or the other. It was explained to me what could or could not happen. I was shown pictures that helped me make my decision. I felt comfortable with the Dr. and the staff."
SHIRLEY A.J. - Livingston, TX

"If I had not already known about the procedure and risks and recovery from previous consultations with another surgeon, I would have been very disappointed with my consult. Because I already knew I didn't ask too many questions, but no one really explained what to expect with this particular surgeon. I really liked the office and staff...they were super sweet. The Dr. was great as well. Just didn't get too much info on what to expect. "

"The procedure was a bit more than I initially planned to spend but I'm glad I chose this doctor."
SHANNON.W. - Houston, TX

"The office staff was very nice but I still left like I left there without all my questions answered. I liked the confidence the doctor had, but it was a little too much. I wasn't really given options like I thought I would, it was more of a "this is what we're going to do" type thing. I will visit other surgeons before I make my decision. I may find after I meet the others that he was actually right for me, or I may not. We will see how things go. "
BREEANNA.P. - Cypress, TX

"I have not received the final price for the procedure - they are checking on possibe insurance coverage for part of the procedure. Still waiting to hear. Really liked Dr. Schusterman, he's down to earth. Ruth and all the other staff were very professional and helpful. Amanda made a great impression as the first contact in making the appointment."
PIERRETTE.T. - League City, TX

"Had a fabulous experience. very confident in all staff and Doctor was very nice and explained everything - took time to ensure I was fully informed - THANKS!!!!"
CAROL.J. - Spring, TX

"Had a great experience at this office and plan on having the procedure at the office asap. "
SARAH.S. - Houston, TX

"I was completely satisfied with my procedure results. My provider exceeded my expectations. I would use the same provider for all of my cosmetic needs."
MEGAN.D. - Houston, TX

"I was a little surprised to be told I should have a tummy tuck, which added considerable cost to the estimate. I would be OK with it, but know little to nothing about it, and am not sure how it adds to my overall recovery time. I'm worried about the scarring, and the nurse was kind enough to show me her own, but still...it was a little overwhelming, especially since I didn't initially think I was a candidate for it. I also made a very big deal about wanting naturally shaped breasts after re-doing my mastopexy, but I'm unclear on how that is achieved with the standard round implants. My first procedure (mastopexy and augmentation) was botched and I've been living with the unsatisfactory results for 11 years so I'm particularly leery of just hoping for better results without knowing the HOWs. I could probably use a better explanation of how my problem would be fixed and the natural results achieved. The bottom line is this: I have been saving for the Mommy Makeover for over a year and thought I had almost enough saved up. Therefore, I was shocked to find that my estimate was twice what I had saved up. No, I can't go into debt for that amount. Yes, I could commit to saving for another year, but I'm realistic enough to know that my savings will drain away as the economy gets tougher. Taxes alone next April will wipe out half. So for all those reasons, I will have to yet again put off the makeover for a better economic time. I'm disheartened, both by the fact that I need more work than I thought, and by the economic reality of the costs, but it is what it is... I appreciate the professionalism and kindness of the staff."
HEIDI.T. - Leage City, TX

"I was very satisfied with the warm and personal greeting that I received from each staff member that I met. I found Dr. Schusterman to be very honest. When the procedure that I had in mind would not present me with the results that I would have liked he was honest and informed me of another option."
CHERYL.M. - Channelview, TX

"My experience at Dr. Schusterman's office was very pleasant. The office was very clean and beautifully decorated. The staff was very polite, friendly and knowledgeable. Dr. Schusterman was very polite and caring. I felt very comfortable with him."
MONA LISA.S. - Houston, TX

"The staff was great and being that I am a very modest person they made me feel very at ease."
LAURA.M. - Katy, TX

"I am excited to have a fresh look. I don't have a lot of support for dong this but I am a teacher and work 2 other jobs and have raised my children without help from anyone. Therefore my daughter and myself feel that I deserve to go ahead with this expensive project. There was a warm feeling felt from the Doctor and his staff of compassion and commitment towards helping me reach this goal. I have no hesitation about going forward with this process."
PAIGE.S. - Lake Charles, LA

"I was very nervous going in but the staff and Doctor made things so easy for me to feel at ease. I realize there isnt much to be so nervous about. I can't wait to see them all again and get started with my procedure!"
ANAHI.S. - Galena Park, TX

"I left the office more confused than when I went in. I liked Dr. Schusterman and was happy with what he suggested and was ready to schedule my appointment immediately. Then Ruth came in to discuss the cost and offered another opinion of what she thought I would be more happy with. She was very nice and I think she was only trying to help, but I went in to have a Dr. tell me what he thought was best, but left still not knowing. I have decided to postpone the whole procedure and get more opinions. "
AMY.M. - Kingwood, TX

"My consultation went great. I met with another doctor for a consultation about a year ago, and this was a totally different experience. I felt like the staff and doctor were interested in me and making me happy. They focused on my health, made me more excited, and also provided helpful suggestions."
ALIAH.S. - Channelview, TX

"Parking was a problem, but everything else was wonderful!"
STACIE.B. - Houston, TX


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