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Breast Augmentation

An Overview

Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation, also known as breast enhancement, is a procedure that increases breast size through the insertion of implants placed under breast tissue or chest muscles. It is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures, and there are a variety of different implants that patients can help them achieve their desired look.

Every person has a different reason for getting breast augmentation surgery, whether it is to improve self-image, create a more flattering figure or correct uneven breasts. Whatever your reason, it is a highly personal decision to get a breast augmentation, and every factor should be taken into consideration.

As a potential candidate for breast augmentation, it is important to consider your body type, desired cup size and post-operative look. If you are in good health, are over the age of 18, have realistic expectations about enhancement and are emotionally stable enough to handle the procedure, then you are a good candidate for breast augmentation.

After discussing your personal goals with a surgeon, you will be provided with all the medical and financial information you need. The surgery will take a few hours and is usually performed at an outpatient facility. Breast augmentation can be performed under general anesthesia or sedation. Incisions are made in discreet locations to reduce scarring, and then the implants are inserted behind the nipple. You may have to stay overnight, but usually patients are released the day of surgery.

Average Cost of Breast Augmentation: $4,000

How Long Does a Breast Augmentation Take?
1-3 hours, but it can vary with each individual case.

Average Recovery Time
3 weeks, but if you have a job that is not physically demanding, you can return after a few days.

Possible Risks and Side Effects:
Side effects of breast augmentation can range from minor discomfort, bruising, soreness and swelling to more severe issues like implant deflation, infection and hematoma.

Other Names for Breast Augmentation

  • Augmentation Mammaplasty
  • breast enhancement
  • breast enlargement
  • implants
  • boob job (slang)

Breast Augmentation can be combined with:

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